Yandex Email service will STOP FREE at April 17, 2023

Frome Yandex: After17/04/2023, Yandex will stop free business email service.
What will change for your organization from April 17, 2023.



We are forced to revise the terms of use of Yandex 360 for business services from April 17, 2023.

This is due to the complexity of the logistics of supplying new data storage equipment: a change in pricing policy will help us maintain and develop services for organizations. To keep access to the features of Yandex 360 for business, select and pay for one of the basic plans by April 17, 2023.

We understand that these changes may affect your experience of using our services. In order to give you time, we have postponed the updates to 2023 and prepared a personal promo code for you. With it, any tariff will be 30% cheaper.

The promo code gives a 30% discount for 3 months of using any Yandex 360 for business plan.

The promotional code can be activated until 12/31/2022. After activating the promotional code, you will have 14 days to choose and pay for one of the tariffs, otherwise the discount will not be applied.

If you don’t select a plan, your organization on the free plan will be placed in Reader View on April 17, 2023.

What this means for users in your organization:

• Mail. Users will have access to letters and new inboxes, but without the ability to write a letter: including replying or forwarding.

• Disk. Files within the available limit will remain, and they can be downloaded. Uploading new files and sharing them will not work.

• Newsletters. There will be no access to the service – it will not be possible to send new mailings.

• Administration. Adding employees to the organization and connecting a new domain will be limited.

To enjoy all the features of the services without a pause, select and pay for one of the tariffs now. You can pay for services by card and by invoice.

You can change Yandex to Google Workspace Business Starter only $0.99/month here!


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